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Logic Pro X – Disk is too slow or System … – Apple Community

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During functional testing, the tester records bus data and stops when a failure occurs. No, I am already using a separate internal HD for recording. Patterns can be easily modified or short pattern sequences cre- ated quickly. The capture ratio was exceptionally good, measuring 0. When working on a Logic Pro project with a lot of audio tracks, software instruments, or plug-ins, a system overload alert might appear that interrupts playback or recording. The and also feature a high efficiency power supply and power- saving circuitry. You get your s in a hurry, with the same quality you’ve come to expect from our RAMs.

Logic Pro X – Disk is too slow or System … – Apple Community

Nov 13,  · Re: Logic Pro X System Overload Disk Too Slow Thu Jun 30, am No other apps running except Safari (Computer is dedicated . Hello users, I am getting a “disk is too slow or system overload” message in Logic Pro X. It happens during project playback from a transition from one audio recording to the next. In fact it seems that some of my audio recordings (analog synthesizer bounces) are . Feb 11,  · Logic Pro; Disk is too slow or System Overload. 1; 2. RawScience Posts: 42 Joined: Fri Dec 28, am. Disk is too slow or .


Logic pro x disk is too slow or system overload. (-10010) free


To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Hi there, I’m a приведенная ссылка music user and recently switched from Pro-Tools to Logic due to PT11’s lack of third party plug-in support at the moment. I was looking forward to leaving behind the error messages of Pro-Tools for the supposed plain sailing of Logic. However, after installing Logic X and starting a new session with one track of audio and 4 tracks of software instruments, I’m receiving the following error message when attemping to record a part on one of the software instruments.

It is completely unacceptable to me that I should be experiencing error messages with this set up and a 64 bit DAW, particularly when the session in question only one track of audio and one instance of East West’s Play engine, spread across 4 software instrument tracks.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems or have any ideas as to what the solution could be? I’d really appreciate any advice. Posted on Sep 2, AM. Page content loaded. While what I am about to say, may seem obvious if you have done any research yourself into this issue The problem is most likely nothing to do with LPX itself but likely what you are doing, using or how things overlload.

setup or what else is running, on your Mac. Is Play up to date and configured correctly? EW Play is notoriously poor, performance wise under certain circumstances. Finally for slos time being. Does the error happen (-10010)) you press play or does it happen at a specific point in a project?

If it is at the beginning of a project move all the regions so the first one starts on Bar 2 This will give LPX a little extra time to process things before it needs to generate audio. If it’s at a certain point in a project, what is happening at that point?

Is there a sudden heavy load coming into play? Sep 2, PM. Translation: Something didn’t get по ссылке where it was supposed to be on time. I would use and a large process buffer. Yeah I ir understand it’s not an intrinsic problem with the software or else everyone would be up in arms about it, but it does appear as though I’ve managed to cause it to bug out be it through my set-up or drivers etc.

But having said that, Lovic haven’t done anything which should cause problems, everything Xisk own is more or less out of the box and I don’t tend to tamper with settings so I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be as simple as just turning it on and getting to work.

To feee your questions, Logic is the only application running whilst I use it force of habit from the Pro-Tools days. I purchased my new interface a couple of weeks ago and downloaded and installed the most recent drivers for it.

There was nothing about them specifically being compatible with But Overloqd. assume a company like Focusrite wouldn’t have sketchy drivers affecting all mac users.

I just downloaded Play v4. As for configuration, perhaps showing my naievity here but I had no idea it required any tweaking, assumed it should just automatically work as is. So it’d have to be a no overload configuring it if it requires special settings to run smoothly on Logic.

Even so, to fail with only one instrument loaded into it is embarrassingly poor. There were no plug-ins active and no busses running. Literally One track of Audio and A multi-output instance of loaded with one instrument and 3 software instrument tracks attached.

Attempting to record one рекомендации, beat maker software free windows 10 любом line underneath the audio track and I get the logic pro x disk is too slow or system overload.

(-10010) free at random points throughout the process. Haven’t (-0010) able to get to the end of the track yet. Thanks for the link, I oto a read through but couldn’t see anything on there which was applicable to my working set-up.

It happens at a random point in the project rather than directly upon pressing play. I usually get a minute or two into the piece then it’ll do it. I have read that (-10010) does this the first time a new instrument or region is introduced because it hasn’t had a chance to load it into the memory yet. Every time (-100010) got rree error I’d save, and relaunch, so perhaps this explains why I haven’t been able to move past it, because I haven’t really given Logic a chance to run through the piece more than once or twice, before closing it and starting over.

Sep 3, AM. Hi Pancenter, I was under the impression that a larger buffer size increases performance but introduces latency. As I’m not experiencing any latency but am experiencing frequent errors I thought I’d put it (–10010) to to see if that источник anything, but it didn’t. I was still getting the errors with a lower buffer size though.

As I mentioned earlier I’m not using Space Designer or any other plug-ins. It’s quite bizarre. Going to have another bash today and see if it’s magically resolved itself over night. You’re correct but it does depend on the drivers for the audio hardware, occasionally a smaller buffer is more efficient. The Focusrite is plugged directly into a USB port correct, not a hub? What other active USB devices besides keyboard mouse do you logic pro x disk is too slow or system overload.

(-10010) free plugged in? Also sysem sample rate are you using? Yeah I can’t understand it. To be honest больше на странице could well be related to the inteface as I had no problems when I was using my MBox 2 with it. The only reason I changed was so I could get something more up to date which would work nicely with Dlow The interface is plugged directly into the mac pro. I also have an iLok an iSight camera, my cinema display, a printer and the apple keyboard using the other ports and sllow session is 24Bit I was on a project deadline, and returned it and went back to my FW Duet ver 1 and everything worked in both Logic and Pro Tools.

I lr liked diso interface and ffee up” on driver development occationally. They have since updated the drivers since I owned mine, so it’s too bad folks are привожу ссылку having issues. Not everyone eystem, and many have them are working just привожу ссылку, but the guys at Guitar Center said a fair amount of them come back. Sep 3, AM in response to grayter1 In response to grayter1.

After doing a little research online logic pro x disk is too slow or system overload. (-10010) free seems the Scarlett is one of those USB2 devices that источник issues with how Apple changed their implementation of Logic pro x disk is too slow or system overload. (-10010) free when they released Macs with USB3 interfaces and put this updated prro into Lion systej later Mountain (-10010 Oddly enough some Win 8 users are also reporting similar issues with the Scarlett for much the same reason.

The March Scarlett OS X drivers are читать полностью to ‘alleviate’ this issue but Focusrite have stated it is only to ‘alleviate’ in some instances and not completely the problem for everyone who tok it.

However, good news is that Focusrite have released some beta drivers v1. Note: These beta drivers again seem to only alleviate the issues for some people and not all but it has got to be worth giving them loyic try I would think Thanks for посетить страницу источник update.

I was working on a project for TV and ссылка на продолжение Scarlett had problems switching from Sep 3, PM. Sep 4, AM. Community Get Support. Sign diso Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: DHousden DHousden.

Cheers, David. More Less. Reply I have this question too 13 I have this question too Me too logic pro x disk is too slow or system overload. (-10010) free Me too. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. So, what might be the cause of such errors? There are so many possibilities but I’d look at the following as a starter What processes are running in the background of your Mac?

EW Play is notoriously poor, performance lobic under certain circumstances Have you got Time Machine running? Are you using FX plugins and have you used Aux buses with them Have you read the following notes from Apple relating to these issues? Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. User profile for logic pro x disk is too slow or system overload. (-10010) free Pancenter Pancenter.

Are you using Space Designer Reverbs? I don’t have time machine running. Thanks again for your response, much appreciated. Sep 3, AM in response to Pancenter In response to Pancenter Hi Pancenter, I was по этой ссылке the impression that a larger buffer size increases performance but introduces oevrload.

Cheers David, You’re correct but it does depend on the drivers for the audio hardware, occasionally a smaller buffer is more efficient. Your situation seems more than odd. Use a buffer. User profile for user: grayter1 grayter1. Not sure if this helps, but I have a similar system, and had some of the same issues. Sep 3, AM in response to grayter1 In response to grayter1 Just as a quick followup Mac Only. Welcome to Apple Support Community.


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