Sims 3 downloads not showing up in game

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Sims 3 downloads not showing up in game

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Solved: Sims 3 Packages not showing up in game – Answer HQ.Downloaded lots not showing up in game :: The Sims™ 3 General Discussions


Rename the Sims 3 folder into which you’ve installed your worlds, e. Now go into DCCache inside the old Sims 3 folder, and count the number of. They’ll be labeled dcdb x. Ignore the. Whatever the highest number is, you’re going to rename the. So if your main Sims 3 folder has dcdb0. Then you can move them to DCCache inside your main Sims 3 folder. Be sure to also move the. Everything should now show up in-game.

View in thread. Open the launcher to create a new folder, then download one world from the Exchange and install it. Let me know whether it shows up. In fact, please test, quit, restart your computer, and make sure that it is still available to load in-game. They are third-party worlds from the Exchange, right, not EA store worlds?

Because store worlds need an extra step to add them to your existing folder. Install the worlds one at a time, test in-game, and make sure they’re all loading before doing anything else. If you’d like to add these worlds to your existing content, it’s simple enough. The Sims 3 Worlds. Make sure the relevant. August I’m having the same problem The exchange worlds work too, and so do 4 store worlds. Its jusr the same 4 store worlds im having this with Thats where im lost a bit.

Sign In or Register. See details Show less. Turn on suggestions. Refer to this thread on polls for guidelines. Anyways, I also had trouble with Roaring Heights showing up in the list of worlds when I first installed it.

I uninstalled it, cleared DCBackup, and then reinstalled it and then it finally showed up in the menu. Completely uninstalling it can be complicated, depending how many times it shows up installed in your Launcher.

You have to remove all objects listed as Roaring Heights. I think it showed up twice under the “Objects” tab in Installed Content, and once again in “Lots. I’m have a similar problem. The launcher will show the items in the download tab. I can install them, and they show up as installed The items aren’t in the game and when I go back to the launcher, they are no longer installed so I don’t have the option to uninstall. It only happens on some items, e. Hidden Springs, but then others install fine.

I’m not entirely sure if this will help, but I thought I’d give it a mention. I have all the sims 3 expansions. When I install the content, it shows as installed but is not in my game, when I restart the launcher it shows as uninstalled and is still not showing up in my game.

On my laptop it works fine, but on my computer with much better specs it is not working. I have reinstalled windows and all my games over and over. Still nothing. I have a brand new graphics card in and all my drivers are working correctly. Do anyone have help for me? Go to Solution. January I had this same problem. I’m not sure exactly what I did that fixed it I tried multiple things. I’ll walk you through the steps I took and hopefully they will work for you too For what I believe the most likely one step solution skip to 6.

Copy the entire Sims 3 folder and paste it at a different location desktop etc as a backup folder in case something goes wrong. For more information about these files and the rest. Open the launcher and install your downloaded content slowly 5 or 6 files at a time – not entirely sure if the amount installed makes a difference or.

I definitely believe there are extraneous steps here, but when I was troubleshooting mine I just did a lot to be thorough and hope that it worked. I believe one of my caches was corrupted, so if yours isn’t this may not work. Hopefully this helps. Good luck. View in thread. I have the same problem. I can’t play on Riverview after installing either, so something is acting up. EA dont care and there no issues i found what works. I bought some store items and i install the and they say success, but when i load it they arent there.


Sims 3 downloads not showing up in game. JavaScript is disabled in your web browser! › The-simsstore-content-not-showing-up-in-game › td-p. Please move the entire Sims 3 folder out of Documents > Electronic Arts and onto your desktop, open the launcher to create a new folder, and download just one.


Sims 3 downloads not showing up in game. Sims 3 Packs not showing as installed – workaround


November I have been playing with mods and cc for months. But today when I downloaded new cc into my package file in my mods folder all of my. Thank you!! Go to Solution. November – last edited November None of them will work without it, but it needs to be in the correct place so it’s not surprising that your setup isn’t working. Only package files go into the Packages sub-folder. View in thread. They should be deleted each time you add or remove content from your game.

For reference, they are:. If that doesn’t help, try rebuilding your Mods folder from scratch. Add only one file you know used to work, and if it shows up in-game, add the new files you downloaded recently and see whether they load.

Some may not work, and you’ll need to test to find out either way. Once you’ve sorted through those, you can add the rest of your previously working. Thank you so much for responding!! I have tried to delete the caches and then seemed to do nothing. I continued to put the mods I know would work but all the.

I even uninstalled and reinstalled the sims 3. I have tried to use a test mod which is the no intro mod. When you rebuild your Mods folder, does any mod ever work at any point? Hit Windows key-shift-S and drag your cursor over the section of screen you want to capture, then open Paint and crtl-V to paste the image. Be sure to include the address bar, above the list of files and folders, in your screenshot.

You can black out your username if it appears anywhere, but please leave the rest of the file path intact. Omg thank you so much!! Sign In or Register. See details Show less. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Do you mean. Sims 3 Packages not showing up in game by kristinasloane. Zombies 2 Other Plants vs.

Sims 3 Packages not showing up in game. November I have been playing with mods and cc for months. Me too. Message 1 of 9 3, Views. Reply 0. Accepted Solution. Re: Sims 3 Packages not showing up in game [ Edited ]. November – last edited November kristinasloane – Resource. Message 8 of 9 3, Views. Reply 6. All Replies. Re: Sims 3 Packages not showing up in game. While testing your content, be sure to delete the cache files each time you quit the game.

I’m just trying to help fellow players with their games. Message 2 of 9 3, Views. November Thank you so much for responding!!

Message 3 of 9 3, Views. November kristinasloane What kind of install do you have: Origin, disc, Steam, or something else and what? Message 4 of 9 3, Views. November I installed it through origin and none of them work when I rebuild it. Message 5 of 9 3, Views.

November kristinasloane Please open the Packages folder where you’ra adding your mods in a File Explorer window and take a screenshot. Message 6 of 9 3, Views. November here it is. Message 7 of 9 3, Views. November Omg thank you so much!! Message 9 of 9 3, Views. New topic. Twitter Stream.

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